Growing peppers in 2016

So in this year I choose to only grow one type of peppers. It’s a jalapeño pepper. More specific it’s called an early jalapeño. After bloom, they should carry green fruits after 60 days and red fruits after 80 days.

In this year I only grow in dirt because I had no time for preparing my drip bucket. But I changed the location of the peppers to a place where they can get more than 6 hours of sunlight. I hope that helps to grow nice bushy plants and not so tall ones like in the last years.

Unfortunately I have no pictures from growing the seedlings to the current size. But I toke some pictures today after moving the plants in their smart bags.

Growing peppers - All peppers

Growing peppers - Single pepper

The plants are now three months old and they are producing the second blooms. The first blooms were cut to allow the plant putting all their energy into growing. Now I have to watch the weather forecast and if we get a cold night I have to take the smart bags into the garage temporarily.

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