Winamp Skin SimpleOne

I got an E-Mail for my old Winamp Skin. The sender asked me if I had it because he wants to use it again. At this time I wasn’t any more aware I made a skin for Winamp2.

After a quick search on my hard drive I found the SimpleOne Skin. Because I still like it, I decided to place it on my website.

Skin details

The SimpleOne Skin is designed for the Winamp2 player. Version 1.0 of the skin skins the following windows:

  • Player (Maximized and minimized)
  • Playlist (Maximized and minimized)

Version 1.1 of the skin adds an equalizer window. The mini browser is not included in version 1.1.

Images of the skin

Version 1.0

Player maximized

Player minimized

Playlist maximized

Playlist minimized

Version 1.1 Equalizer

Equalizer maximized

Equalizer minimized


Download link: Download - SimpleOne v1.1

SimpleOne on (only Version 1.0) - Wayback Machine

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.